Japanese Vending Machine Now Offers Canned CreamJapan is famous for its unusual vending machines. You could probably live a complete life even if your only shopping options were objects found within those machines—so as long as you lived in Japan. I mean, you can get diapers, pork, and even miniature toy vending machines inside Japanese vending machines. What more could you need?
Gold Belly is Selling Windows 11 Ice Cream by Mikey Likes It Ice Cream in New YorkDon’t worry, it’s edible!In celebration of the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 11, the company teamed up with Mikey Likes It to create a custom flavor that matched the vibes of the newest operating system. The ice cream, called  Bloomberry was given out for free in New York City. Bloomberry is a blueberry ice cream with pound cake pieces and royal blue chocolate-covered candies to create an eye-catching blueberry pie swirl. Folks who missed the opportunity to taste this unique flavor can purchase four pints for an expensive price of $79. Check out the official listing here!Image credit: via Gold Belly #IceCream #Windows11 #Microsoft #GoldBelly #MikeyLikesIt #CustomFlavor
These Aren't Chicken Nuggets. This Is Ice Cream.Is there any food that you can’t find in New York City? I doubt it. You can discover highly specialized restaurants, or even chains of them, such as the Milk & Cream Cereal Bar. Its fresh take on ice cream is “infusing” it with a wide variety of cereals, which add to the texture, flavor, and visual pop of the ice cream.For the past two months, the chain has offered an even more unusual product: chunks of ice cream shaped like chicken nuggets, then rolled in cereal crumbs so that they look like chicken nuggets. They’re served in appropriate cardboard containers, along with portions of honey for dipping.-via First We Feast#chickennuggets #icecream
The MilkCake Man Dessert Shop in Birmingham, England, Sells Ice Cream with Candy Floss that Look Like a Cherry Blossom TreeIf you think art does not apply to food, then think again!The MilkCake Man is a shop for sweet tooths and ice cream enthusiasts alike. If you thought they specialize in ice cream cakes, you’re right! Their best selling ice cream has a cherry blossom tree topping made from chocolate and candy floss, also known as the sweet cotton candy.Because of The MilkCake Man’s unique idea, many locals in Birmingham, England, queued just to try their sweet surprise. The sweet combination of the Cherry Blossom’s sugary parts formed a flavor bomb that will max out your satisfaction.If you crave for more sweets aside from the famous Cherry Blossom, other sweet desserts curated by The MilkCake Man’s artisan are just as heavenly. From golden cakes, ice creams, and matcha twirls to  frothy coffees, The MilkCake Man is your trusty neighborhood sweet tooth friend.If you are looking for a small business to support while feeling good, then The MilkCake Man might be the hidden gem you’re always looking for.The MilkCake Man is located at:Unit 3 Kings Court, Rear of 90High Street, King's HeathBirmingham B14 7JZUnited KingdomPhone: +44 121 443 2430IG: @themilkcakeman​#dessert #candyfloss #icecream #cherryblossomtreeImage: The MilkCake Man/Instagram
Outrageous Footlong Soft Serve Is Toronto’s Newest Obsession Can you finish a whole serving of a footlong soft serve cone? If you want to try it out, The Milkman Creamery is serving this unique ice cream in 14 different levels. In addition, the store switches up the flavors every two weeks, and no one knows the new flavors until they are announced at the beginning of a new cycle.Located in Langham Square Mall, the store offers their footlong serve cone for just $10. If you can finish the ice cream for a minute however, you don’t have to pay for it! So far, only nine people have won the creamery’s challenge. Image credit: hungry_wongs, milkman.creamery#IceCream #FootlongSoftServe #Toronto #Canada #UniqueFoodItems #Food