Solar Eclipse on Mars Captured by the Perseverance RoverPhobos is one of Mars’ moons. In an interesting turn of events, the Mars rover Perseverance has captured footage of the potato-shaped moon eclipsing the planet. The video was taken with the machine’s Mastcam-Z camera on April 2, the 397th Martian day of the mission. The eclipse lasted over forty seconds, which is actually just on par with the solar eclipses we see from Earth.What’s great about this footage, aside from capturing the astronomical event, was that it was able to provide the most zoomed-in image of the moon during an eclipse. “I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t expect it to be this amazing,” said Rachel Howson of Malin Space Science Systems in San DiegoImage credit: Planet Volumes#moons #space #Phobos #Mars #NASA #Perseverance #rover #eclipse 
Gaza Strip Farmer Found 4,500-Year-Old Statue of Canaanite Deity AnatTalk about a lucky find!While digging land, a farmer in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip unearthed a stone statue of an ancient goddess. According to the Palestinian archaeologists that inspected the artifact, the statue dates back 4,500 years to the late Bronze Age. The artifact is a depiction of the head of the Canaanite deity of beauty, love, and war, Anat. The statue depicts the goddess wearing a serpent crown. It is now on display in Qasr al-Basha, one of Gaza’s museums. Image credit: BBC/Rushdi Abualouf#find #archeology #BronzeAge #Canaan #GazaStrip #Anat #statue
Nekita the Makeup IllusionistIs this a painting or a person? Is it one person or two? Keep watching to find out. Under all that makeup and, uh, temporary plastic surgery is makeup artist Esther Aular of Bogota, Columbia, also known as Nekita on TikTok and Neki on Instagram. Her art canvas is her face, and she can make it look like anything. Or everything. Check out a roundup of her works in this compilation.
The Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner CameraThe website Cardboard America is a showcase of kitch and common paraphernalia of American life, mostly but not entirely that from the post-World War II era. It features roadside attractions, photos of disasters, and the sights and sounds of the CB radio era.The anonymous blogger behind this project also collects physical objects. Recently, s/he posted photos of this unusual merchandise item: a film camera styled to look like a box of Velveeta brand shells and cheese.
This Sushi Dish Looks Like Slices of WatermelonInstagram member @vickyskitchan describes herself as “a small gal who eats too much.” From her kitchen in London, she makes culinary wonders pleasing to both the eye and the tongue. They include these sashimi appetizers. She picked up the tuna from The Upper Scale, a British fish market, and sliced them into watermelon-like crescents. The rind is made from hollowed out cucumber slices. Sesame seeds complete the look to create the impression that one is eating tiny but real watermelons.It looks complicated, but Vicky describes the meal as “quite possibly one of the fastest appetizers I’ve ever put together.”-via Gastro Obscura#sushi #watermelon
The Oldest Prosthetic Eye We Know OfThe skeleton you see above is a museum recreation of one unearthed in Burnt City, Iran, in 2006. It belonged to a woman who lived nearly 5,000 years ago and died between the ages of 20 and 30. She appears to be a high-ranking woman of wealth. The prosthetic eye that was buried with her has been the subject of much study since then. Scientists have determined that she did wear it during her life, as she had an abscess that may have been caused by irritation, and the tissue of the eyelid was still stuck to the prosthetic thousands of years later. The eye itself is a work of art. It is made from natural tar and animal fat, which would have lubricated it in her eye socket. A pupil and iris were carved into the round eyeball, and filaments of gold were added to recreate veins. Gold thread was also used to hold the eye in place. Small fragments of white indicate that it may have been painted to look like a real eye. It was undoubtedly an expensive prosthetic, and none have been found to be older. Wearing this eye would not have been all that comfortable, but if you were missing your natural eye, it beats developing extensive scar tissue or getting dust and dirt in one's eye socket. Who knows? This woman may have worried more about her looks than anything else. Read what we know about the world's oldest prosthetic eye at Archaeology World. -via Strange Company #archaeology #prostheticeye #fakeeye