Portable Urinals for WomenCore77 introduces us to Peequal, a portable urinal system designed with female anatomy in mind. British designers Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane designed it after working at music festivals during summers. They experienced the very long wait lines that women’s toilet facilities can experience.
This Household Bathroom Has 3 ToiletsYou want to use the bathroom, visitor? Sure! Don’t mind Becky and George. They’re using the facility, too. You get the middle commode. There’s no need to be shy.This lovely home in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin is for sale at $450,000.The house has six bedrooms and three bathrooms among its spacious 3,913 square feet. It was built in 1851, so the three flush toilets in one bathroom are not part of the original design. As Patch writer John Quinnies quips, it “might have the highest toilet-to-bathroom ratio in the state.” Why does it have so many toilets in one bathroom? I don’t know, but just be glad that you won’t have to wait in line to use one.-via Dave Barry#toilets
A Hybrid Squat/Sit Toilet Combines the Worst of Both Design ConceptsI’ve never used a squat toilet, but I gather that they are common in many parts of East Asia. Mary Roach, an author of many popular science books, stayed at a hotel room equipped with this particular toilet while she was writing Fuzz, a book about criminal activities by animals around the world.It looks like a fairly conventional squat toilet. But if you’d like to sit, you could lower the seat and then sit almost on the ground. That would make getting up again, let alone wiping, very awkward.I’ll just hold it until I get home.-via Aaron Starmer#toilets #squattoilets