Glitchy Footwear by Kobi Levi​Kobi Levi, an Israeli fashion designer, specializes in shoes. He’s been working in this field since high school when he produced his first designs in cardboard.Since then, Levi has refined his craft at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem. He later gained fame when Lady Gaga wore his “Double Boot” design in her music video for “Born This Way.” That design typifies his work in that it warps reality, creating a glitching visual effect.You can see that effect in his most recent work, which includes “Break Point”. The slightly offset heels and insoles are quite wearable, even though they would seem to require the fragmentation of reality.
Artist Modded These Cucumbers into Functional ShoesI mean, technically, she did wear them as shoes. If you look at the second photo offered by Instagram user @shu_katerina, she slips them on her feet. We don’t see her walking, but she probably could for a few steps.The point is that these are Chanel-brand cucumbers. They’re not made for walking or eating; you get them to show off your social status. These photos communicate that you’re the sort of person who wears cucumbers on his feet in public. Do likewise and you will attract attention, and most likely favorable attention. Then, once people grow bored of your cucumber shoes, move on to potato shoes. The fashion world has no tolerance for stale fruit.-via Ugly Design#cucumber #shoes #ShuKaterina
43 Iconic Shoes From Pop CultureHow many do you recognize without looking at the captions?#shoes #popculture #movies