The Population Shift of Manhattan from Day to NightHere’s a population density map of Manhattan at 3 AM on a typical Sunday.
Mapping Program That Shows You Where You Can Go on a 5-Hour Train Ride in EuropeTwitter user Benjamin TD, a software engineer and mapmaker, created an application that shows users what areas of Western and Central Europe are accessible from within 5 hours of a given train station. Countries that have spent a lot on high speed rail, such as France and Germany, have enormous coverage. For example, as you can see, almost all of Germany is accessible within 5 hours of Frankfurt.
Where in the US Is There More Livestock Than People?Erin R. Davis makes maps and other data visualizations that explain our world. Recently, she gathered statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to show which counties in the 48 contiguous states have more livestock animals than people and which animals were present.
Map of Corn Production the US Made of Candy CornJill Hubley is my new favorite person to follow on Twitter. Her maps inspire me. She’s an artist, cartographer, and data visualizer. She makes data visually pop.Most recently, she’s been participating in a Twitter challenge to make maps. Among Hubley’s best contributions is this Jell-O map of the San Andreas fault that jiggles California into two pieces.But what I want to focus on right now is this heat map of corn production in the United States. It uses the map below from the US Department of Agriculture to chart out where Hubley placed candy corn (everybody’s favorite Halloween candy) on the map and how it is positioned.