Glitchy Footwear by Kobi Levi​Kobi Levi, an Israeli fashion designer, specializes in shoes. He’s been working in this field since high school when he produced his first designs in cardboard.Since then, Levi has refined his craft at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem. He later gained fame when Lady Gaga wore his “Double Boot” design in her music video for “Born This Way.” That design typifies his work in that it warps reality, creating a glitching visual effect.You can see that effect in his most recent work, which includes “Break Point”. The slightly offset heels and insoles are quite wearable, even though they would seem to require the fragmentation of reality.
Flutter Away with Butterfly Dresses by Bibiana BerenguerBibiana C. Berenguer is a fashion designer in Barcelona. Her collection in inspired by ethereal dreams and European art history and mythology. You can see this clearly in her ball gowns that transform women into butterfly-like fairies.
World's Oldest Pants are Surprisingly StylishIn the early 1970s, at Yanghai cemetery near Turfan, China, a group of Chinese archaeologists was met a man. The man, however, did not say a word, nor did he move a muscle. He was already dead, after all. But what told his story are the things found in his grave — a leather bridle, wooden horse bit, and a battle axe, which suggested that he was a horse-riding warrior. But what stood out from the man was not the artifacts in his grave, but his outfit, specifically his very fashionable pants. Archaeologists now recognize Turfan Man's trousers as the oldest known trousers in the world. Archaeologists, fashion designers, geoscientists, chemists, and conservators, took an interest in this pair of pants. Together, they investigated how these durable trousers were made, and made a modern replica of the article in question. These were not just trousers, mind you. These trousers were a celebration of various cultures, traditions, and techniques, as evidenced by the weaving patterns found in them. There is a mystery, however: how did the ancient clothes makers make these? Archaeologists are unsure. (Images: M. Wagner/ Archaeological Research in Asia 2022) #Fashion #Archaeology #Pants #Trousers #TurfanMan
These Amazing Dresses by Sylvie Facon Are Wearable SculpturesFrench fashion designer Sylvie Facon turns her models into art galleries. Each dress is not just a garment, but an ornate work of art that whisks the viewer off to a fairytale land of magic and princesses. This book dress is especially striking, like the reader is entering into another world inhabited by fairies and sorcery.
The Blue Men of the Sahara: Why the Nomadic Tuareg People Wear Blue ClothesThe Saharan daraa (the long and loose gown) and the tagelmusts (the cloth used as a turban) are garments from northern Africa that go back as far as the 7th and 8th centuries. Today, the fashion styles trending in African cities are those from the Western world. But for the nomadic Tuareg people, the so-called "blue men of the Sahara," these garments remain as the main attire.The question is, why won't they change their look? Well, the answer is simple. The clothes are effective against the desert's scorching heat.According to Dahid Jdeidou, the local guide in Mauritania, the daraa allows for the right airflow, and helps the person conserve body water while he travels across the desert.But it doesn't mean that the style doesn't evolve. Thanks to the low-cost chemical dyes from Asia and Europe, it is now possible to have fabrics with varying shades of blue.But why blue? The reason is people who had white daraas had the privilege to clean their clothes everyday. Those with colored daraas are people from the lower class.Learn more about the history of the garments over at BBC Travel.(All Images: Juan Martinez)#History #Daraa #Tagelmusts #Sahara #Tuareg #Fashion
A Fashion Designer Turned a Cardboard Box into This Elegant DressLaura Barnes, a fashion design student at the University of Arts London, submitted a set of unusual designs for her senior portfolio. They include this eye-catching outfit that will make or break you at your next job interview.Barnes explains that "I enjoy extracting elements from items and bodies that when put together in a seemingly non-sensical way, presents a new understanding."-via Book of Joe#LauraBarnes #Fashion #Carboard
Now This is a Muscle Shirt: Synthetic Muscle Protein Spun into Fiber is Tougher than KevlarThe future of the fashion industry is here! Sooner or later, you might be wearing fancy clothes that would not only make you look good; it would also protect you from harm.For years, scientists have developed an interest in muscle fibers and how they can be applied in various fields, like in soft robotics. Zhang and his co-authors of this study were also interested in muscle fibers. But instead of harvesting these from animals, these scientists from the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University attempted to produce synthetic muscle fibers from engineered microbes. The result is a synthetic material identical to proteins found in muscle tissue. It is said that this material is tougher than Kevlar.Learn more about this study over at the Washington University in St. Louis NewsRoom.Image:Fuzhong Zhang Lab#Kevlar #Fashion #SyntheticMaterials #MuscleFiber #Titin
Origami Mask by Yuriko WadaFace masks have become an essential part of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re going outside to buy supplies for your home, or if you’re going outside for a special occasion; you need to wear a mask for both scenarios. But because special occasions call for special attires, Yuriko Wada designed a unique face mask for such events.The origami mask combines two traditional elements familiar to Japanese people: origami and washi paper. The washi paper, in which the mask is made of, gives the mask excellent breathability and soft texture. The origami aspect of the mask, meanwhile, gives it great flexibility.What a cool concept!(Image Credit: Paper Parade Inc.)#origami #facemask #fashion #washi #Japan
Moschino's New Hot Dog Dress and Burger-Inspired Haute CoutureDo my buns look big in these?And we mean that in the best possible way, as we marvel at fashion house Moschino's new Resort 2022 collection as recently shown in Los Angeles.In addition to the hot dog dress above, the food-themed collection also include some burger inspired haute couture. We can it it all up!#hotdog #couture #Moschino #burger #hamburger #dress #HauteCouture #fashion