Now This is a Muscle Shirt: Synthetic Muscle Protein Spun into Fiber is Tougher than Kevlar

The future of the fashion industry is here! Sooner or later, you might be wearing fancy clothes that would not only make you look good; it would also protect you from harm.

For years, scientists have developed an interest in muscle fibers and how they can be applied in various fields, like in soft robotics. Zhang and his co-authors of this study were also interested in muscle fibers. But instead of harvesting these from animals, these scientists from the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University attempted to produce synthetic muscle fibers from engineered microbes. The result is a synthetic material identical to proteins found in muscle tissue. It is said that this material is tougher than Kevlar.

Learn more about this study over at the Washington University in St. Louis NewsRoom.

Image: Fuzhong Zhang Lab

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