Qudi Face Mask Displays the Wearer's Emotions with 199 Smart LED PixelsMasks are often said to be used to hide a person’s emotions. This face mask is not that kind of mask, but at least it looks cool!A special face mask has been introduced at CES 2022. Qudi debuted the world’s first emotional LED mask at the event, showcasing its ability to display different expressions. The mask has a translucent glass eye goggle attached to a mouth coverage that contains 199 smart LED pixels.The mask was invented by Mikhail Chumachenko, a 14-year-old who then founded the Qudi. Chumachenko shared that the prototype of the face mask covered only half of the face and contained 30 pixels. Now, the mask has more pixels and two modes. One mode corresponds to speech and shows different emotions.  The other mode responds to the volume of music being played. For those interested, the Qudi Mask can be bought for $289.Image credit: Qudi #technology #Qudi #facemask #QudiMask #LED
Smile Business Card: Clever Japanese Business Card Shows What You Look Like Without the MaskMasks, while being essential items, have made it difficult for us to recognize each other, so a company in Nagoya, Japan, developed “smile business cards” to deliver a unique business experience in the middle of the pandemic.The Nagaya printing company, founded in 1919, noticed that their sales of flyers and catalogs dropped by 30% due to the pandemic. In an effort to boost business, they came up with the idea to print the lower half of a person’s face on a business card which made the card into “smile business cards” a face covered in a mask.Companies that purchased them said that the cards were “interesting” and “have a strong impact and will be remembered by the recipient”. A representative said that while it hasn’t directly contributed to the business’s bottom line yet, they were happy that people were interested in their idea, which no other company had.#Japan #Nagoya #Facemask #Business #BusinessCardImage Credit:Nagaya printing company
Origami Mask by Yuriko WadaFace masks have become an essential part of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re going outside to buy supplies for your home, or if you’re going outside for a special occasion; you need to wear a mask for both scenarios. But because special occasions call for special attires, Yuriko Wada designed a unique face mask for such events.The origami mask combines two traditional elements familiar to Japanese people: origami and washi paper. The washi paper, in which the mask is made of, gives the mask excellent breathability and soft texture. The origami aspect of the mask, meanwhile, gives it great flexibility.What a cool concept!(Image Credit: Paper Parade Inc.)#origami #facemask #fashion #washi #Japan