Smile Business Card: Clever Japanese Business Card Shows What You Look Like Without the Mask

Masks, while being essential items, have made it difficult for us to recognize each other, so a company in Nagoya, Japan, developed “smile business cards” to deliver a unique business experience in the middle of the pandemic.

The Nagaya printing company, founded in 1919, noticed that their sales of flyers and catalogs dropped by 30% due to the pandemic. In an effort to boost business, they came up with the idea to print the lower half of a person’s face on a business card which made the card into “smile business cards” a face covered in a mask.

Companies that purchased them said that the cards were “interesting” and “have a strong impact and will be remembered by the recipient”. A representative said that while it hasn’t directly contributed to the business’s bottom line yet, they were happy that people were interested in their idea, which no other company had.

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Image Credit: Nagaya printing company

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