The Fluff Screamer Is a Hamburger Served with Marshmallow FluffTake a standard hamburger and add raw onions, spicy chili sauce, cheese, butter, and, most importantly, marshmallow fluff. That's how to prepare the signature dish of Tony's Lunch in Girardville, Pennsylvania. This restaurant is open only at night, so stay up late to get your own Fluff Screamer. Saveur tells the origin story of this super food:Claire Salukas, the co-owner of Tony’s Lunch, explains that origin of the bizarrely delicious burger. “The restaurant had Fluff for the hot chocolate. A 16-year-old girl used to come in ever day and ask for it on her burger, and they refused. Then one day, Tony’s niece, a waitress, made it for her, and people started copying her order. Now everyone wants it. We go through a case and a half of Fluff a week.”-via Atlas Obscura | Photo: Erik/Atlas Obscura#hamburger #burger #marshmallow #marshmallowfluff
Moschino's New Hot Dog Dress and Burger-Inspired Haute CoutureDo my buns look big in these?And we mean that in the best possible way, as we marvel at fashion house Moschino's new Resort 2022 collection as recently shown in Los Angeles.In addition to the hot dog dress above, the food-themed collection also include some burger inspired haute couture. We can it it all up!#hotdog #couture #Moschino #burger #hamburger #dress #HauteCouture #fashion
World's First Industrial Cultured Meat Plant will Produce 5,000 Burgers a DayBehold the world's first industrial cultured meat facility!​Future Meat Technologies announced the opening of its industrial cultured meat facility in Rehovot, Israel. The plant, which is already able to produce lamb, chicken, and pork products without using any genetic modification or animal serum, is gearing up to produce 1,100 lbs (500 kg) of beef - enough for 5,000 burgers - every day."After demonstrating that cultured meat can reach cost parity faster than the market anticipated, this production facility is the real game-changer," says Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, founder and chief scientific officer of Future Meat Technologies. "This facility demonstrates our proprietary media rejuvenation technology in scale, allowing us to reach production densities 10-times higher than the industrial standard. Our goal is to make cultured meat affordable for everyone, while ensuring we produce delicious food that is both healthy and sustainable, helping to secure the future of coming generations."#beef #burger #culturedmeat #labgrownmeat #meat