Watermelon-themed Gas Tank in Japan Dismantled Using Apple Peeling Demolition Method

In order to demolish a 33.8 meter diameter and 37 meter high watermelon-like gas tank in Tokyo, two workers were suspended above the platform as they “peel away” the shell using the “apple peeling demolition” technique.

The gas tank was used to promote the city, which is known for its watermelon, but eventually was rendered useless because gas distribution directly to homes is now possible in the area.

“With residents saddened by the dismantling, the Tomisato Municipal Government sent a letter of thanks to the gas tank via Tokyo Gas in September 2020 for "being loved for many years as a symbol of Tomisato and for promoting Tomisato as a place abundant with watermelon produce."

Image Credit: Mainichi/Tadakazu Nakamura

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