Official LEGO Brick Made From Recycled PET Plastic

The LEGO Group has made a new breakthrough for their future releases!

They have just introduced their latest prototype: recycled LEGO bricks made from sustainable materials.

The new prototype LEGO brick is made from PET plastic from recycled bottles. According to LEGO’s official press release, a single one-liter plastic bottle has enough raw material to make ten 2x4 LEGO bricks.

Over the past three years, LEGO’s material scientists and engineers have tested over 250 variations of materials and other plastic formulations to create a prototype brick  that is as durable and strong as existing LEGO bricks.

While the newest sustainable prototype has been announced, it will take some time before these recycled bricks appear in LEGO product boxes. The company will continue to test, develop and assess these bricks  before they could move to the pilot production phase.

Image credit: The LEGO Group 

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