Everyday Olympics by Adrian Hogan: Whimsical Illustrations of the Daily Heroic Feats of Athleticism of the People of Tokyo

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is where the world's most elite athletes compete, but Tokyo-based artist and illustrator Adrian Hogan noticed that the gestures of people he saw in everyday life in Tokyo were very much like those of the athletes. 

"I saw a shop clerk recently who threw open their store shutters and it reminded me of a weightlifter throwing their barbell into the air," Hogan wrote on this Instagram post below. And so he drew the shop clerk as as if he was in the Olympics weightlifting competition.

That sparked a series of whimsical illustrations showing the "heroic feats of athleticism outside the arenas" performed by the people in Tokyo on a daily basis. 

View them all on Hogan's Instagram page.

Image above: Hogan wrote that a gust of wind blowing someone's umbrella inside out and watching them scramble to get out of the rain reminded him of the Olympic Torch runners.

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