Delivering Food via Kayak in a HurricaneJacob Woolf of Orlando, Florida is making the best of the destruction left by Hurricane Ian. He’s kayaking through the streets in his neighborhood. On one such venture, Woolf made a delivery for an Uber Eats driver was unable to cross a body of water to his hungry customer. The customer was unfazed by Woolf’s arrival and, thinking that he was the actual Uber Eats contractor, said that she had tipped him on the app.You may ask: why does Woolf have a skateboard? He may or may not be using it to skate occasionally, but it’s mostly to serve as a dolly for his kayak.-via Viral Hog​#hurricanes #ubereats #kayaking
Uber Balance: Gimbal Stabilizer System for Scooters to Keep Your Food from Spilling Out During TransitThis redesign of Uber Eats’ motorcycles looked like they came out from a futuristic film!With the increasing need for deliveries due to COVID-19, Hyeonji Roh and Minju Kim designed a concept stabilizer system for delivery service riders. One of the concerns when it comes to safely transporting food are spills. In order to combat that concern, Roh and Kim created the Uber Balance: Gimbal Stabilizer System. The designers applied the principles involved in a gyroscope to minimize the shaking inside the food containers for deliveries. The system is not affected by the inclination of the bike and will maintain a horizontal position during trips to prevent the delivery food from spilling.  image credit:  Hyeonji Roh, Minju Kim#UberEats #UberBalance #HyeonjiRoh #MinjuKim #Redesign #Scooter #FoodDelivery #Gyroscope