Vinegaroon: An Acid Spraying Arachnid That Looks Like a Cross Between a Spider and a ScorpionApril showers bring May flowers, but you know what else the summer rains bring out? This strange creepy crawly that looks like a cross between a spider and a scorpion, as mentioned by the Big Bend National Park in its Facebook post. Oh, and if that's not strange enough, the bug can also shoot acid.Behold the vinegaroon, a 3-inch long arachnid that look quite menacing with its huge scorpion-like pincers or pedipalps and long whip-like tail (hence its nickname, the 'whip scorpion'). It can aim and shoot a spray of 85% acetic acid (vinegar) from the base of its tail.But for all that menacing qualities, the nocturnal vinegaroon is actually quite benign and usually won't bother you unless you annoy them. After the rain, vinegaroons would climb out of their burrows and search for food and mates.#vinegaroon #whipscorpion #scorpion #insect #spider #arachnid #BigBendNationalForest #acid #aceticacid #vinegar #tail #pincers #pedipalps
Realistic Robot Fish Shaped Like an ArowanaBesides displaying just the usual weapons and other military equipment, this year's Beijing Military Expo also had an eerily realistic arowana fish robot that swims and behaves just like the real thing.From OddityCentral:It would swim around normally, and raise its head for a while whenever it reached a wall, then just wing its tail again and swim in another direction. At first glance, its appearance and movements were those of an actual fish, and it was only on close inspection that one realized this was an advanced fish-like robot.#fish #robot #arowana #tail