What Sound Does a Stingray Make?What does the stingray say? The Fish Thinkers Research Group has the answer. This video shows us three different stingrays, an adult mangrove whipray (Urogymnus granulatus), a juvenile mangrove whipray, and an adult cowtail stingray (Pastinachus ater). From the YouTube page:The sounds are characterised by short, sharp 'clicks' and likely serve as a warning or defence signal. Both species often form large groups, so it may alert others to potential danger, suggesting a role in intraspecific communication! The mechanism is still unclear 🤔 but it appears they are produced through rapid movement of the jaw or head and spiracles behind the eye.For all the time scientists have been studying these creatures, you'd have thought that they would have tried talking to them sooner. Next up, what sound does a shark make? Who wants to ask them? -via Boing Boing​#stingray #fish #sound
"Boops", "Honks", and "Hoots": Fish are Surprisingly Chatty by Communicating Underwater with SoundResearchers from Cornell University discovered that fish actually communicate with each other through sound. It is not new knowledge that fish actually emit different kinds of sound. However, with the development of technology, scientists have now confirmed that these aquatic creatures produce sounds for communication.Aaron Rice and his team analyzed the sound-producing physical characteristics (eg. swim bladder musculature) across different species and concluded that ancient sturgeons first started chatting around 155 million years ago. That is right around the same time that mammals began speaking with each other, too! Image credit: Hiroko Yoshii#fish #talk #animals #biology #sound #research