The Science of OrigamiIt's neat to find that those fun paper folding activities we did in pre-school may one day be an important part of aerospace engineering!Aeronautics and Astronautics professor Jinkyu "JK" Yang of University of Washington explains how origami - the art of paper folding - is helping us solve complex engineering problems.#origami #aerospace #paperfolding #engineering
Origami Mask by Yuriko WadaFace masks have become an essential part of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re going outside to buy supplies for your home, or if you’re going outside for a special occasion; you need to wear a mask for both scenarios. But because special occasions call for special attires, Yuriko Wada designed a unique face mask for such events.The origami mask combines two traditional elements familiar to Japanese people: origami and washi paper. The washi paper, in which the mask is made of, gives the mask excellent breathability and soft texture. The origami aspect of the mask, meanwhile, gives it great flexibility.What a cool concept!(Image Credit: Paper Parade Inc.)#origami #facemask #fashion #washi #Japan
Producing Dynamic Metamaterials Through The Use of Kirigami TechniquesMetamaterials are materials made to possess a quality not found in naturally occurring materials. These materials could be used in various fields such as in optics, medicine, aerospace engineering, as well as earthquake engineering, to name a few.Kirigami is a variation of origami. It is similar to origami in that it involves folding paper. However, what makes it different is it involves cutting paper to create sculptures. Recently, scientists found out that this art could help in producing complex and dynamic metamaterials.Learn more about this exciting study over at NC State University.(Image Credit: Jie Yin via YouTube)#Metamaterial #Kirigami #Origami
From Self-folding Origami to Moving Storybook Pop Ups, These Shape-Changing Materials Will Revolutionize The FutureImagine opening what you thought was a pop up storybook, but instead of being static, the butterflies are actually flapping their wings right before your eyes. This is actually possible!