"Sea Pickle" Washing up on Oregon BeachesBeach-goers were baffled to find "sea pickles" washed up on the shores of Oregon, United States. Most of the "sea pickles" measured 2 feet long, but in the warm open ocean where they are typically found, they can grow up to 60 feet long.A "sea pickle" is in fact not a single animal. It is a pyrosome—a group of rice grain-sized zooids stuck together to form a single colony.
The Psychedelic JellyMBARI does it again! The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute gives us an up-close look at the tiny jellyfish Crossota millsae, here nicknamed the psychedelic jelly. Its bioluminescence highlights its anatomical structures, but also makes us want a poster of it to put in our bedrooms.
Life Beneath the Ice: 12 New Species of Jellyfish Under the Antarctic Sea-IceA collaboration from two different researchers has produced a ground-breaking discovery!Postdoctoral researchers Dr. Gerlien Verhaegen and Dr. Emiliano Cimoli banded together to produce a collaborative study concerning the aquatic creatures featured in Dr. Cimoli’s 2018 underwater footage of Ross Sea, Antarctica.The footage in question is full of different jellyfish species. Dr. Verhaegen initially came across Emiliano’s video and was amazed by its quality. “You could clearly distinguish some key morphological features.” The researcher adds. A total of twelve new species were reported in the resulting taxonomic paper. The study is the first to include a training image set for video annotation of jellyfish through machine learning. That’s pretty cool! Image credit: Dr. Emiliano Cimoli#Jellyfish #TaxonimicStudy #MachineLearning #Science #GerlienVerhaegen #EmilianCimoli #UnderwaterPhotography