The Fountain Is Made of LavaStreet Art Utopia shares this image of unknown provenance from L’Aquila, Italy. This 1934 sculpture by Nicola D’Antino shows two bronze nudes pouring water out of a bowl. Fontana Luminosa (Luminous Fountain) forms the center of a fountain the center of the city.When viewed from the right angle at the right time of day, sunlight washes through the water to create the impression that the women are pouring out lava or liquid sunlight rather than pure water. A 2020 travel guidebook to Abruzzo, the region of Italy in which L’Aquila can be found, reveals that lamps can add other colors to the image.#fountains #opticalillusions #Italy
US Army Offers Birthday Cake as Reparations for Cake Stolen by American Soldiers in 1945On April 28, 1945, the US Army’s 88th Infantry Division was continuing its push through northeastern Italy during the final weeks of World War II in Europe. Meri Mion, who lived on a family farm, turned thirteen on that day. Battles raged around her house the previous night, but American soldiers controlled the area in the morning.Ms. Mion’s mother baked her a birthday cake and left it to cool on a window sill. The cake went missing and the likely culprits were some of the American soldiers.As an apology, The US Army Garrison in Italy baked her a cake and offered it to her on Thursday. American soldiers sang her “Happy Birthday”. The Associated Press quotes Ms. Mion as saying that “Tomorrow, we will eat that dessert, with all my family remembering this wonderful day that I will never forget.”Photo: US Army#BirthdayCake #Italy #Army
"Keep Calm, Alessandro": Brown Bear Stalks Boy Walking Down a HillWhen he came face-to-face with a brown bear in the hills of Brenta Dolomites, northern Italy, 12-year-old Alessandro didn't scream or panic. Instead, he said "make the video" and walked calmly down.The bear stalked the boy as he walked slowly down the hill, as the man taking the mobile phone video said, "keep calm, Ale" (Ale is the diminutive of Alessandro).When interviewed by l'Adige, Alessandro said "I had seen the bear three times, it was a special day for me." Fear? "No."#bear #italy #wildlife #animalbehaviorThe full video clip below: