6-Year-Old Boy Designed Logo for UK Satellite Launch6-year-old Callum Wilkinson just won a nationwide contest to design a logo that will be shot into space, literally. His creation is a winner of a competition held by the UK Space Agency in collaboration with Hopscotch Consulting to help inspire the next generation to consider a career in the space sector. He beat out more than 10,000 primary school children aged between 4 and 11 years old who entered the competition.Callum’s design includes a satellite orbiting the Earth, with surrounding images that correlate with space technology and its impact on the climate.“My design shows orbits made of string and has pictures on to show what the satellites are going to be used for,” says the Bolton primary school student in a press release by the UK Space Agency.#satellite #logo #UKSpaceAgency #Earth
NASA's Eyes on the Earth Lets You Track Its Satellites in Real-TimeGet to know our planet better through NASA's real-time visualization tool called "Eyes on the Earth." With it, you'll be able to see the planet's "vital signs" such as air temperature, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide levels, sea level, and many more. The tool also displays the path of the many satellites that roam the Earth.​The tool is available over at NASA's official website.NASA also provides easy-to-follow tips on how to use it, over here.(Image Credit: NASA)#NASA #Earth #Environment #satellite
Earth and the Sun, as Viewed From the South Pole of the MoonSee the Earth and the Sun move from a unique perspective from outer space!NASA’s Ernie Wright accompanies the viewer in a stunning video that shows the movement of the Earth and the Sun from the perspective of the Moon’s South Pole. While raw footage was not taken from the lunar surface, the animated visualization represents the unusual motions of our planet for a span of three lunar days (which is equivalent to three months).In two minutes, the animation shows that the Earth actually bobs up and down. In addition, from the view of the Moon’s Mons Malapert, the Earth is seen in an upside-down position and can be seen rotating backward. The video also shows how a lunar eclipse happens!#Moon #Earth #Sun #LunarPerspective #Animation #NASA #Space