That Time When the US Air Force Ejected Yogi the Bear at Supersonic SpeedThe poor bear!In order to test the escape capsule of a military aircraft, Yogi, a two-year-old black bear was ejected from a US Air Force B-58. Yogi was alive when they used him as a test subject. He was ejected at 35,000 feet from the bomber plane, which was flying at supersonic speed (870 mph). Thankfully, the bear survived the test and landed unharmed. Unfortunately, Yogi was later euthanized so his internal organs could be examined for signs of damage. The bear’s participation in the test in 1962 is celebrated as the first ejection of a living creature from a supersonic aircraft. Image credit: U.S. Air Force#test #supersonicspeed #aircraft #USAF #bear #ejectionseat
How Fast Can A Bear Climb a Tree?Think that you can get away from a bear by climbing a tree? Think again!A black bear can climb a tree in mere seconds. Actually, perhaps 'climb' isn't the correct word here, the bear simply runs up the tree! Then, it goes down just as fast.#bear #blackbear #tree #climbing #treeclimbingView the full video clip below:
"Keep Calm, Alessandro": Brown Bear Stalks Boy Walking Down a HillWhen he came face-to-face with a brown bear in the hills of Brenta Dolomites, northern Italy, 12-year-old Alessandro didn't scream or panic. Instead, he said "make the video" and walked calmly down.The bear stalked the boy as he walked slowly down the hill, as the man taking the mobile phone video said, "keep calm, Ale" (Ale is the diminutive of Alessandro).When interviewed by l'Adige, Alessandro said "I had seen the bear three times, it was a special day for me." Fear? "No."#bear #italy #wildlife #animalbehaviorThe full video clip below: