World's Brightest Flashlight by Hacksmith Has 300 LEDs and Shines at 501,031 Lumens

Canadian inventory and YouTuber James Hobson AKA Hacksmith and Chris Thiele have created the world's brightest flashlight, according to Guinness World Records.  Called the 'Nitebrite 300', the flashlight has 300 LEDs and was measured at 501,031 lumens. 

In comparison, the brightest  flashlight commercially available on the market today, the Imalent MS 18, contains just 18 LEDs and shines at 100,000 lumens.

To create the flashlight, the Hacksmith team placed 6 LEDs on a printed circuit board and soldered the 50 boards by use of a reflow oven. Then, each board is connected to a constant current driver. The drivers are then connected to six batteries. The boards are then installed on a giant metal heatsink.

How do you turn on a giant flashlight? With giant switches and buttons worthy of the world's brightest flashlight, of course! The flashlight has 3 modes: low, high, and turbo. 

To focus the light, the Hacksmith team used a fresnel lens. Parts from a trashcan, a concrete footing form and a cardboard concrete tube form painted black complete the flashlight.

To objectively measure the brightness of their flashlight, the team used Crookes radiometer - which exploded due the intense beam of light!

Now that's truly worthy of the Guinness World Record for world's brightest flashlight. View the video clip below.

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Image: Hacksmith Industries product manager Chris Thiele standing next to 50 boards of 6 LEDs each for the Nitebrite 300 flashlight.

Fresnel lens used to focus the LED lights

The various components of the Hacksmith flashlight.

The finished Nitebrite 300, Hacksmith's World's Brightest Flashlight!

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