Winners of the Astro2021 Astronomy Photo Contest

"Deep in the Heart of Mordor" by Andy Campbell, Australia.

Winners' gallery of ASTRO2021: The Competition is a sight to behold. The gallery showcases a collection of magnificent astronomy-related images taken by photographers from all over the world.

Last year, ASTRO2021: The Competition announced two Grand Prize Winners, one for each of two divisions. Andy Campbell of Australia won the Austronomy Division with "Lambda Centauri Vortex (IC 2944)" and Larryn Rae of New Zealand won the Nightscape Division with "Mountain Basecamp." Campbell also secured 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th positions in the Astronomy Division, and Rae secured 2nd, 5th and 6th in the Nightscape Division.

Both Grand Prize Winner images are shown below.

"Lambda Centauri Vortex (IC 2944)" by Andy Campbell, Australia.

"Mountain Basecamp" by Larryn Rae, New Zealand.

Each division is further divided into four subdivisions, each with their own winners, special mentions and finalists. Scroll on to check out some more breathtaking stills of our universe.

"M31 Andromeda Galaxy" by Mark Reed, USA.

"Comet Neowise" by Henry Hungerland, USA.

"Loth Uxor" by Charles Bonafilia, USA.

"Orion from Kanab" by Seth Van Cott, USA.

"Sun Spot Hill" by Jordi Coy, Spain.

"The ISS Transit" by Mehmet Ergün, Germany.

"Crown Jewel" by Veronica Yacono, USA.

"When the Stars Align" by Joshua Snow, USA.

"Reine Dreaming" by Simanta Mahanta, USA.

"Gemini Meteor Shower" by Stefano Pellegrini, Italy.

"Astronomic Rise" by Forest Barkdoll-Well, USA.

"Palm Land Under Stars" by Mohammad Hayati, Iran.

"Arabian Nights" by Peter Hoszang, Hungary.

"Flow of Time" by Hiroaki Sekioka, Japan.

For more images from the competition, visit the ASTRO2021: The Competition official site.

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Image source: as linked to the respective photographers' Instagram accounts and websites

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