This Soft Robot Mimics Human Fingers and Can Pick Fragile Items (Like a Taco Shell)

When people think of "robotic grip," they usually think of metallic pincers that can lift big and heavy things with crushing strength. But what if the thing you want to move is something soft and delicate? Like taco shells, for example.

Behold the configurable 'mGrip' gripping system by Soft Robotics Inc. The modular soft grippers can pick and pack fragile, variable or irregular items like baked goods and groceries. Unlike vacuum-based grippers, these soft grippers work like human hands and fingers. And, oh boy, is it fast!

The video clips of the soft robots in action are mesmerizing to watch!

Videos: Soft Robotics Inc/YouTube

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Soft Robotics bakery automation, where the soft grippers move various baked goods like muffins, buns, and cookies ...

... or thousand and thousands of Peeps!

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