This New Kind of Farming Is Apparently Going Out Of Style

We haven’t heard much of it, either. Vertical farming involves growing crops in stacked vertical layers or shelves. Contrary to the usual method of agriculture, aside from the orientation of these plants, the produce grown from this method is usually under a well-controlled environment and temperature.

Experts have called it the future of food production. But apparently, this new innovation is also going out of style in 2023. While it seems like a good option, especially if producers are avoiding plant diseases and cases of extreme weather, an onslaught of logistical problems have arisen that made people in the industry not so enthusiastic about vertical farming.

One of the main drawbacks of vertical farming is its power consumption. Since it uses automated tech and UV lighting, the electricity bill gets really high, to the point that some companies claim that the business isn’t profitable. Other businesses that are trying to stay afloat sell exclusively to pharmaceuticals, fragrance and cosmetic makers but investors aren’t really convinced that this kind of farming will be profitable in the future. 

Image credit: Jatuphon Buraphon

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