Honda Shogo: This Miniature Electric Car Takes Kids around a Children's Hospital

Muse, the magazine of the Clio awards for innovation in design and advertising, shows us this amazing motorized car developed by Honda engineers. The “Shogo”, as it is called, was given to the Children’s Health center of Orange County California to make hospital stays more enjoyable for children.

This motorized car can move up to five miles per hour while maintaining an IV pump for the juvenile driver. It has simple controls and pop-up caster wheels should it be necessary for hospital staff to move it. With a full charge, it can carry a child up to 75 pounds around the floors of the hospital.

-via Dornob | Image: Honda

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Shogo, Honda's latest electric vehicle, tops out at just 5 mph and seats only one small driver :)

The video clip above shows the process of engineering and building the Honda Shogo.

The video clip above shows the Honda Shogo in action at the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

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