This CPR Bot Can Perform Mechanical Chest Compression

No need to do CPR to the tune of Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees anymore! Just slap on this CPR bot that'll do the job.

Meet LUCAS 3, a new medical device that delivers cardiopulmonary resuscitation chest compressions consistently and without interruption - from the moment the emergency crews arrive on the scene and put the device on until the patient gets to the hospital.

The device will also allow CPR in difficult locations, such as a narrow flight of stairs. It also makes it safer for ambulance crew. "There are also significant safety risks to ambulance personnel being unrestrained and performing CPR in the back of vehicles travelling at high speed," said Dr. John Black, medical director at South Central Ambulance Service, "These devices don’t fatigue or change the delivery in any way, meaning high quality CPR can be delivered for as long as is required while freeing up the paramedic, keeping them seated and belted and able to focus on other critical aspects of patient care on a journey."

"It ultimately acts as a robotic third crew member for our teams."

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