The Tsuzuri Project: Canon Captured Japanese Art "The Wind and Thunder Gods" by Tawaraya Sotatsu in 4.2-Gigapixel Image

The Tsuzuri Project is a joint effort by the Kyoto Culture Association (NPO) and Canon to create and donate a high-resolution copy of the Edo period artwork “The Wind and Thunder Gods” by Tawaraya Sotatsu. The project, also known as the Japanese Cultural Heritage Inheritance Project, produced a 4.2-gigapixel photo that is a visually identical copy of the artwork thanks to the combination of modern and ancient techniques. 

The original work was first photographed with a Canon EOS R5 multiple times. The massive resolution was the result of combining all the photos taken by the camera. After the high-resolution image was produced, it was then printed onto silk paper. Authentic Nishijin craftsmen, or “leaf” artists then applied gold leaves to the print and shaped it to fully recreate the original artwork. The artwork was then placed on an authentic Japanese sliding door. 

Image credit: Canon, The Tsuzuri Project 

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