The Science of Overeating, and How to Do It

Thanksgiving is all about eating, isn't it? Sure, there's football, and a parade somewhere, but the main idea is to celebrate a successful harvest by gathering for a huge traditional feast. What's your strategy for overeating? Believe it or not, science has some advice for you. And it's not a simple "don't."

If you want to eat an awful lot, you'll need to prepare ahead of time, choose which foods to concentrate on, pace yourself, and aid the digestive process so that you can tackle leftovers before bed. Popular Science gives us the rundown on how the foods you choose to eat affect how full you feel. You'll want to avoid that so you can eat more. Don't worry about how much your stomach can hold, as it is surprisingly flexible. It's more important to know what will trigger your brain into deciding you're no longer hungry, or even worse, that's you're full..

Of course, all this is in pursuit of a goal that doesn't make much sense. You can eat leftovers tomorrow or the next day, and you might be happier in the long run prioritizing the pleasure of eating over the volume. Overeating is not exactly a good idea, but if you're determined to push yourself to performative gluttony, once a year is probably enough. -via Boing Boing ā€‹

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