The "Loved One Launcher" Is a Confetti Cannon for Your Corpse

What are your loved ones--or, to be more precise, the people who are going to put your corpse to use when you're done with it--going to do with your cremated remains?

There are many options available. In the past, we've seen cremation services that have turned ashes into diamonds, paint, fish food, and ammunition. Now the cremation company Cremation Services offers a new and fun party time activity for the human bodies that you have around. It's called the Loved One Launcher.

This is a handheld projectile weapon powered by compressed carbon dioxide. When activated, it shoots the ashes inside (presumably the customer is responsible for providing those) up to 70 feet in the air! This force will helpfully avoid awkward blowback like seen in The Big Lebowski.

-via Born in Spaceā€‹

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