The Icoma Tatamel is a Foldable Electric Motorbike That Fits Underneath Your Desk

If you live or have lived in Japan, you know how problematic it is to find a legal parking space. That's why the streets in Japan are always so clean: they have strict parking policies in the country. With that in mind, you should think carefully about buying vehicles.

Enter the Icoma Tatamel Bike. In its unpacked form, the electric motorbike looks ordinary. But when you see it packed, you wouldn't be able to guess that it was a motorbike in the first place because of its size. It's so tiny it fits under a desk!

The estimated performance figures for the Icoma Tatamel Bike are a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) and a maximum range of about 50 km.

The bike is legally classified in Japan as a moped, so if you are from the country planning to buy one, make sure to get a standard driver's license to use the vehicle.

(All Images: Icoma)

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