The Endless Art of Pablo Andres Pozo

It starts with an illustration. As featured above, a banner of sorts can be initially seen. The artist then zooms out and reveals an illustration of a person climbing some sort of winter slope. Further zooming out, the artist then shows the person is a tiny detail in the huge mountain that she was climbing ... and on and on and on. This short snippet featured above is the work of Ecuadorian digital artist Pablo Andres Pozo. 

The artwork is part of Endless Bodegon, a series in which Pozo showcases his ‘endless artworks,’ in videos. These kinds of masterpieces start with an illustration and Pozo unveils the bigger picture as he zooms out. The question remains, though: how does he make the artwork bigger the more he zooms out? 

Image via Pablo Andres Pozo 

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"El Tercer Ojo" or "Golden Third Eye" endless art.

Endless art by Pablo Andres Pozo featuring Xbox as part of the game console's 20th anniversary.

"Life goes on and on" endless art by Pablo Andres Pozo.

Endless Bodegon art of "Game of Love" by @pabloandrespozo 

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