The Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2022 Winners

An amazing photograph of comet Leonard on its unique passage near the earth has won the Photographer of the Year Award for astrophotographer Gerald Rhemann. The image was taken on Christmas Day 2021 in Khomas, Namibia, showing a dramatic disconnection event as solar winds tore away a piece of the comet's tail. The earth will never see this comet again.

There are also winners in different categories in the competition, such as Stars and Nebulae, People and Space, Our Moon, Skyscapes, Galaxies, Aurorae, and more. Younger winners were named in age categories, and there are also the special awards for the best digital innovation and best newcomer. The winning images are on display in a special exhibition at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. See the top winners of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest at the competition gallery, plus some of the runners-up at BBC Science Focus. -via Damn Interestingā€‹

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