Taiwanese Delicacy: Milkfish Intestines

Hey, why are you walking away? We’ve just started this conversation. And nothing lubricates the mechanism of human discourse better than a snack—a greasy snack.

We could have some milkfish. Not, not a filet. Someone else has already eaten that. We don’t want to waste anything, you know. Let’s make use of all of the fish, including the intestines. According to Oddity Central, that’s what some people in Taiwan do. In that country, the intestines of the milkfish are a delicacy.

It is, I will admit, an ethically dubious snack. In order to remove waste from the intestines, the gourmet chef will starve the fish for several days before butchering it. Then the chef washes the intestines to make sure that they’re clean and either boils or fries them.

-via Dave Barry | Image: Backpack Traveler

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