Syuto's Sushi Plastic Model Kit Has 364 Individual Grains of Rice. Here's What It's Like to Build It.

Japanese-language reporter Ayaka Idate was greeted by old-school takeout boxes used by restaurants in Japan. Inside these weren't edible sushi, but plastic (tuna and salmon) sushi models waiting for her to put up.

If you think that the easiest plastic model to put up is the model maker Syuto's sushi models, then you might want to think again! The crazy part here is that every single grain of rice, 364 pieces per kit, is its own individual piece.

Apart from the intimidating number of grains, pliers or needle-nose pair is too thick to cut the grains out of their frames. She had to take them out individually by hand. Then, she had to remove the leftover plastic that came from the frame. Overall, this "preparation part" took her more than two hours!

On to the task of actually building the model!

At this point, she had to put adhesive to each grain and place it on the underside of the curved fish piece. An alternative would be putting an adhesive per layer and then placing each grain over the adhesive. The slower, one-by-one method is more preferable since it comes out more realistic! Overall, this part took her 90 minutes for the first model and less than an hour for the second model.

For the last parts, Ayaka used a white marker to draw lines on the fish and applied a clear topcoat to give a more realistic feel to her model.

As a bonus, Here are Ayaka's photos showing a side-by-side comparison of the sushi model and real sushi!

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