Steak and Coffee Flavored Potato Chips is What Science Comes up with by Analyzing our Taste Buds

This is a full meal in one crunchy bite. How did the manufacturer manage to squeeze two different food items in one? Well, this unusual packet of chips at a Japanese 7-Eleven store successfully did so, with science!

The “Oishisa no Kagaku” (“Science of Deliciousness“) combines steak and coffee as chip seasoning, which is both scary and interesting at first glance. According to Yamayoshi Seika, the maker of the chips, the flavors will provide a ‘well-balanced taste sensation.’ 

SoraNews24’s Oona McGee taste tested the unique snack and described the taste as ‘beef consommé with a coffee finish, but the more noticeable aspect was the well-rounded flavour in the snack. Acidity, bitterness, umami and saltiness greets you in every bite, which makes the snacking so much more satisfying!” 

But where did the steak and coffee combination come from? Seika studied the combination of actual steak and coffee to determine their deliciousness before applying them as flavoring. 

Image credit: SoraNews24 

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