SilentSpeller: a High Tech Smart Dental Retainer that Tracks the User's Tongue to Spell out Words Without Voicing Them

The SilentSpeller is a communication system that allows people to send texts. The unique aspect of this device? It’s a dental retainer. That’s right, you can now send messages via your teeth! 

The project was developed by a team led by one of the key creators of the smart eyewear Google Glass, Thad Starner. According to a demo video and academic paper, the SilentSpeller works by tracking the movement of the user’s tongue. The developers claim that the gadget has 97% accuracy for identifying letters, and 93% accuracy for words. Should this smart dental retainer be fully introduced for commercial use, the SilentSpeller could be used to help people with movement disorders. In addition, the device could also be useful for hands-free communication. 

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