See This Ghost Kitchen Robot in Action As It Prepares Meals

Kitchen Robotics, a company that automates ghost kitchens with hardware and software tools, released a video of their Beastro Ghost Kitchen Robot working on some meals. The robot is a big step toward having a fully automated ghost kitchen.

The cooking process goes like this: after dispensing ingredients in a bowl, the Beastro robot mixes and heats them until they’re fully cooked. Overall, the robot can make 45 Italian and Asian cuisines, soups, salads, and other dishes in an hour. Moreover, it sanitizes its cook bowls afterwards and can work quickly without taking breaks.

Kitchen Robotics also uses a cloud-based software called Cuismo. Through this program, the company is able to monitor, customize, and optimize the process of making each dish.

Watch the Beastro robot make some meals in the video clip below.

Video Credits: Kitchen Robotics

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