Samsung’s Robot Chef Brings Automated Assistance to your Kitchen!

Samsung has introduced the Samsung Bot Chef, a machine that can help people prepare their meals!

According to the official press release, the Bot Chef can ‘read, understand, and divide up the tasks in regular recipes, and use tools that you normally use.’ It uses sensors to look and find things in the kitchen, and if it can’t find or reach for something, the machine will ask for help. Now that’s like having a companion in the kitchen! 

This product concept is intelligent enough to slow down or stop completely if it detects a person’s presence near it, and it will wait for the person to move away before continuing its tasks. In addition to having multiple sensors, the Bot Chef has two Saram arms that hold and manipulate different kitchen tools. 

One of the highlights of Samsung’s newest machine is that it can learn new skills by downloading them from ‘a skills ecosystem.’ This means that it can learn how to find and use non-smart appliances to help people in the kitchen, from blending a soup to making a cup of coffee-- the Bot Chef holds a great deal of potential!

Image credit: Samsung

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