Russian Cyberpunk Farm by birchpunk

"They say that Russia is a technologically backward country," noted the description for the Russian Cyberpunk Farm video clip by birchpunk, "There are no roads, robotics do not develop, rocket do not fly, and mail goes too long. It's a bullshit."

Indeed! As farmer Nikolay tells us in the clip, the cyberpunk farm life is all about the newest robots and androids, flying cars and drones, and ... fractal cucumber and genetically engineered kombucha.

Completing the visual effects is the fantastic Russian Cyberfolk Song by Ensemble Vanya, Liliana Bush and Daria Scherbak.

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The video clip won Best Visual effects in the Sicily Web Fest 2021, beating 98 other nominees from 22 countries.

The next clip is the Russian Cyberfarm New Year Special, featuring the only Christmas tree ever grown in Mars.

The Russian Cyberfarm New Year Special Behind-The-Scenes video clip.

And the latest one from Jun 2021: AI-Vanich in the Russian Cyberfarm

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