Robot Only Fast Food: This KFC Restaurant in Russia is Entirely Run by Robots

This is probably a glimpse of the future. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) introduced their take on a fully automated staff in their restaurant in Moscow. The fast-food chain reduced the interactions between customers and staff as much as possible. 

Dmitry Ageev, a KFC representative, noted that the company had built the new outlet before the outbreak of coronavirus in Russia. It had experimented with ways to create a more hygienic way to order its menu items.

As seen in the video by World News Network, a robotic hand places the order into a box after it is cooked. The customer, in turn, can open the box with a code given to them. When it comes to payment, the restaurant, following its automated concept, accepts bank cards or face biometric data after completing a registration process.

Image credit: World News Network

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