Rescued Beavers Design Their Own Pond in a Back Yard

ā€‹Dr. Holley Muraco is a wildlife rehabilitator with Woodside Wildlife Rescue who went viral last month for a video of a beaver building a dam inside her house. the beavers she is hosting are not confined in the house, although they are welcome there. They are usually outside doing beaver things. And by "beaver things," I mean construction. These two juvenile beavers, named Finn and Sawyer, found a mud puddle in Muraco's rain-soaked back yard and decided to turn it into a pond! They may be orphans, but for beavers, engineering is instinctual. Watch them remove the sludge from the bottom to enlarge the pond. Notice the retaining dam blocking off one section at a slightly different level.These busy beavers will have a lodge built before you know it. -via Laughing Squid ā€‹

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