Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Here's What Happened Afterward

In 2014, everyone and their brother was dumping a bucket of ice and water over their heads and posting videos of it on the internet. It seemed like a dumb idea, but it was funny, and more importantly, it was a fundraiser. The Ice Bucket Challenge had people suffering from ice water, after which they would challenge three people by name to do the same, or else contribute money to charity. The challenge requested donations for various charities at first, but became viral for the ALS Foundation when many celebrities got involved. Many participants donated even when they performed the challenge. And the ALS Foundation got $30 million above their normal donations just that summer, and a total of more than $100 million over time. What did that money do? Savannah Geary of Sci Show explains the real impact that cash made in the research being done to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 

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