Polish Cop in America Helps Lech Wałęsa Change a Tire

On the right is Lech Wałęsa, one of the giants of the Twentieth Century. He led Poland’s resistance to the communist dictatorship imposed upon it by the Soviet Union, which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983. At great risk to himself, he organized the protest movement that brought down the communists in 1989. Wałęsa then served as President of a free Poland until 1995.

The Associated Press reports that recently Wałęsa was traveling in the United States. Riding through Connecticut, his SUV got a flat tire. Coincidently, State Trooper Lukasz Lipert responded to the scene. Lipert is a native of Poland who immigrated to the United States, so he was especially delighted to help the now 78-year old statesman get back on the road.

Photo: Connecticut State Police

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