NASA Wants Its "Moon Cockroaches" Back

Who would have thought that some cockroaches and specks of dust could be worth around $400,000? These, however, are not the usual cockroaches that we consider pests or the specks of dust that we wipe up as dirt.  We are talking about lunar dust that was actually fed to cockroaches in an experiment to determine whether it contained any diseases that pose a threat to terrestrial life. 

The moon dust and roaches were auctioned, but now NASA wants them back.  NASA, has requested the Boston-based auction company, RR auction, to return the moon dust. According to NASA anything that was acquired during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission is not for sale. No person or entity is allowed to preserve, display, or sell Apollo samples, emphasizing the urgent need for the RR auction to stop. 

Image credit: RR Auction

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