Meteorite Crashes Landed on a Woman's Bed while She Slept, Barely Missing Her Head

A meteorite crashes on the bedroom of a woman's home in Golden, B.C. Ruth Hamilton was sound asleep when the sound of her dog barking woke her up. She said in an interview that the next thing that happened was just a huge explosion and that debris was all over her face.

As she rolled back the pillows where she was sleeping, a charcoal-grey chunk of rock, roughly the size of a melon, was found. After piercing into the roof, the meteorite that landed on the floral pillowcases was just inches away from Hamilton's head before getting up at the sound of the dog’s bark. That was a close call!

Initially, the meteorite was suspected to be debris from a construction site on a nearby highway. After reporting the rock to a team of experts from the Western University in London, Ont., the meteorite was confirmed to come from space.

All Images: Ruth Hamilton

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