Meet Loab, an AI-Generated Demon that Spontaneously Emerged and Now Haunts Many AI Images

You’re probably gonna need some bleach to wipe out that image from your eyes. If not, then kudos to you and your mental fortitude.  

The image above is from a Swedish musician called Supercomposite. The person started a thread on his Twitter account, sharing the story of how he might have found “the first cryptid of the latent space.” 

I discovered this woman, who I call Loab, in April. The AI reproduced her more easily than most celebrities. Her presence is persistent, and she haunts every image she touches.

Well, the image looks like a grotesque, horrifying woman that can either look like a woman who’s suffering or a mythological being that can be classified as a demon or a weird eldritch entity. This woman is called Loab by her creator, Supercomposite.

The musician shared that the “demon” spawned after he was doing some experimentation with artificial intelligence. He was playing with negative prompt weights, which are commands fed into the AI. 

The AI will then ensure that it will churn out the most different image from the prompt. The magic words that created Loab were “Brando::-1.” 

Supercomposite wrote that he only wanted to see if the opposite of the Brando logo would be a picture of the American actor Marlon Brando.  “I typed “DIGITA PNTICS skyline logo::-1” as a prompt. I received these off-putting images, all of the same devastated-looking older woman with defined triangles of rosacea(?) on her cheeks,” he further explained. 

After being scared and kind of amazed, the musician has continued to generate more images of Loab, which you can see in his mega-thread here. 

Image credit: Supercomposite/Twitter

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Images: Supercomposite

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