Man's Ear Blockage and Discomfort Turned Out to be a Cockroach

Warning: insects. If you’re not good with stories about insects inside certain body parts, now’s the time to look away and click the next article. You’ve been warned! 

Zane Wedding woke up with a blocked ear after a fun day of swimming. Initially, he believed it was just water in his ear. He, however, rushed to see a doctor after feeling movement in his ear even when he wasn’t moving. His doctor said to take some antibiotics and to blow a hairdryer into his ear to help dry it out. He was told that if the feeling in his ear remained, then Wedding must return. 

The man returned after two sleepless nights. It turns out that he had an insect in his ear. The ear specialist worked for a few minutes to extract the bug and managed to pull out a full cockroach. "I felt [my eardrum] pop as it came away. The lady who extracted it said: 'I've never seen this before. I've read about it, but never seen it'.” He said. 

Image credit: Zane Wedding 

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