Mark Rober Created a World Record Domino Robot That Sets 100,000 Dominoes in 24 Hours

Mark Rober proved to the whole world that he is the king of dominoes by setting up a hundred thousand of them in just 24 hours. How did he do it? 

Here’s what he had to say to his rival domino queen Lily Havish about this feat, “I suck at dominoes, Lily, but I’m good at engineering which means I’m actually really good at dominoes.”

Engineering! Wow! What can’t we do with technology, right? As it turns out, Rober engineered a robot to set up dominoes like no one else can. Now, this robot he named “Dom” holds the world record for being the fastest to arrange 100K dominoes.

So it’s not really Rober but actually Dom who did all the work, or is it the other way around? So mind-boggling! What do you think?

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