Lunch Worker, and her Metal Worker Husband, Create Custom School Cart For Child With Dwarfism

A lunch worker at a school noticed a child with dwarfism who was struggling with his old cart. Enedelia Mottram described Julian Worsham’s cart as ’being held together by duct tape and mainly consisted of an upside-down milk crate on wheels’. Julian used the cart to get food in the cafeteria, since he couldn’t easily reach things. 

Enedelia decided to talk to her husband James, who was a custom metal builder. The couple then proceeded to create a new and improved metal cart with handle bar grips, a matching stool so Julian could see the food at the cafeteria. In addition, the cart was also customized and had a personalized license plate for the child.

“They took the time to get those license plates with his name, which is just like, they just really put a lot of heart into it. So when I saw it, the first thing I saw was actually a picture of James and his team who made the cart and I cried. It’s just such a sweet thing,” said Heather Worsham, Julian’s mother.

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Image credit: Enedelia Mottram

Image: Enedelia Mottram

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